During the late 19th century, Middletown, Ohio had become a small town since its founding by Daniel Doty over 100 years prior.  Tobacco and paper where “King” in those days. These industries were driven by men such as the great Paul J. Sorg.  During these times, localized industries were being bought, centralized and controlled by out of town interest. Concerned locals formed the Middletown Industrial Club to bring back and strengthen industry.  With no city funds used, the towns people and those of the M.I.C.  scored a major victory by gaining the interest of a little-known preacher’s son, George M. Verity.  Verity decided to plant the roots of his start up steel company here in Middletown. July of 1900 saw the ground breaking for one of the integrated largest mills in the country.

Over many decades, Verity’s company in Middletown would grow into one of the most innovative and community oriented steel manufactures the industry had ever known.  The town’s population ballooned as many came to find work. Kentucky and Appalachian families found more than a job and a means to survive.  They found a way of life .  During this time, industrial leaders in Middletown fostered a divinely inspired spirit as heavy industry grinded by day after day.  Regardless of the struggles encountered in paper and steel manufacturing, life in Middletown was marked by familiarity, place, and stability.  This was no accident. Commitment, loyalty, and selfless service were core principles of early leaders such as Verity.  Today this spirit lives in many of our towns residents.  There is a longing by many in Middletown for renewal and a returning to our roots.

The Founders of RMBC

Rolling Mill Brewing Company was founded out of a necessity for innovation and a passion for tradition.  In 2012, co-founders Josh and Megan Laubach felt a conviction to find a way to brew outstanding beer that happened to be gluten-free.   In 2011, Josh had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder that is triggered by the consumption of gluten.  This prevented him from enjoying the growing variety of craft beer.  The couple began devoting years of time and money to learning the craft and art of brewing.  The task was daunting given the fact they could not incorporate traditional grains into their recipes. With Megan’s vision that it could be done and Josh’s passion for brewing, the dream was kept alive.  In 2016, the company was founded and a plan put forward.  Using our talents and means Rolling Mill Brewing Company will brew world class beers while firmly planting our roots in the place we call home.   We will strive to provide outstanding beer that satisfies the craft beer consumer.  We will work to excel at our craft while increasing our knowledge of the taste and preferences of our customers.  Service to our community and respecting the dignity of our employees are a few examples of the company’s core values. We see craft beer as a gift that can be used to enhance relationships between people.  We look forward to remembering where we came from while striving to meet and exceed the craft beer expectations of those in the Middletown and surrounding communities.


We endeavor to glorify God by fulfilling our role in His plan of restoring creation. Using our talents and means we will craft and promote the responsible enjoyment of world class beer through the encouragement of meaningful individual and community relationships