4.9% ABV
38 IBU

Clean German-style Pilsner with medium body
Perceivable hop flavor/aroma

Meaning behind the name

Co-founders’ wedding month (October) & year (2009)


American Pale Ale
5.4% ABV
49 IBU

American Pale Ale- Clean hop forward pale-ale that utilizes Centennial and Cascade hops to promote a citrus flavor and aroma

Meaning behind the name

Anti-Federalist were colonist who opposed ratifying the Constitution on the basis that it would lead to an overly powerful federal government.  Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry where among these people.



Light Lager
4.2% ABV
16 IBU


Light, crisp, and easy to drink American Lager
Little to no hop aroma or flavor


Meaning behind the name

In honor of two of Middletown’s greatest Golden Retrievers:
Doc and Patton (RIP)


Brown Ale
5.3% ABV
19 IBU

Traditional English Brown Ale.  Light Hop bitterness with hints of nut and caramel.

Meaning behind the name

Named after the development of the worlds purest Iron at 99.7%  This was discovered by Armco here in Middletown and became known as “Ingot Iron”

Open Hearth

6.3% ABV
32 IBU

Full-bodied American Style Stout
Strong coffee flavor and dark chocolate with a notable hop character

Meaning behind the name

Steel Making process before the development of the B.O.F or Basic Oxygen Furnace.  Many people from the Middletown area recall #1 and #2 Open Hearths .



India Pale Ale
6.4% ABV
78 IBU


Full-flavored American-style IPA
Intense, yet smooth hop bitterness/aroma
Hints of citrus & passion fruit


Meaning behind the name

Three kids in three years. Enough said!